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Living in the countryside with my partner, horses, dogs and cats, with a nice home, and a great job, it was the life I thought I wanted. I worked hard for it all, but deep down I knew there had to be more. Living from pay-check to pay-check, and having just enough money to pay the bills each month, simply surviving through life was never going to be the dream life.

When I was younger, I was living my life just the way I wanted. If I wanted to do, be or have something, I got it, no question about it. I was working abroad, riding all day and competing in show jumping, enjoying my life. After I came back to Finland at 25, I still worked with horses and I had just met my partner. I felt the pressure to start living that ‘responsible, adult life’ with a ‘real job’ and all the adult requirements.

So, I went back to school, studied, got a ‘real job’ and lived my adult life, just like I thought I was supposed to. I remember the exact moment when I was thinking about my life and made the choice between going back abroad to work with horses or doing the ‘right thing’ that I felt I was expected to do by getting a job and a relationship because I didn’t know I could have everything I ever wanted.

After ten, I mean TEN! years (talk about slow…), I realized I was just settling and compromising. My dream life was so much more than debt, mortgage and paying bills. I wanted to ride and compete, breed show jumpers, live a free and abundant life, travel, help my family and also inspire other people to make their dreams come true. But there I was, buying new clothes maybe once a year, going to the hairdresser once a year because it didn’t matter how I looked, I was working from home so I hardly ever went to any public places. After paying the monthly bills I used the money I had left to buy food and necessities as well as caring for our animals.

I am a stand for freedom of choice, time, and finances

I'm here to raise awareness that abundance is your birthright.

You are allowed to be, do, and have more.

A few years ago I found the book ‘The Secret‘ and learned about ‘The Law of Attraction’. That opened the door for me to start changing my mindset and start focusing on myself and what I really wanted to do with my life. I knew these universal laws were true because I already was in this current situation because I had manifested these things into my life. Although, I still struggled with my fixed money mindset and I was almost desperately searching for that one, perfect thing that would give me freedom.

I tried network marketing and I loved the products, but the work wasn’t aligning with me. I read and watched videos about the LOA, manifesting, gratitude etc. and tried to use these in my life… Again, nothing was happening.

Until one day, in the middle of a marketing training,  the Universe connected me with this incredible soulful community with so much authenticity, purpose and big dreams, just like I had. I immediately felt at home. I found my tribe and I got to experience the platform that so perfectly aligned with everything I desire and want to be. 

I started my journey towards my dream life and now I’m here to support you to do the same. I’m here to inspire and empower everyone, but especially equestrians, to find their purpose, do what they love, and build a wildly successful business to make their dream life true.

This is the new era of entrepreneurship where we get to lead, give and earn in a really beautiful way. If you are ready to step in to your own power and become the best version of yourself, I invite you to learn more and join this empowering movement.

turn fear into faith, ideas into income and dreams into destiny.

I'm ready to change my financial future

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YES, abundance is my birthright

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Horses especially are terribly expensive hobby, even more so if you want to compete and build a career in the equine industry. Many talented riders are not able to develop and advance in their careers because they don’t have the finances to buy horses with enough quality or pay for everything else related to training and competing, and that’s what I want to change.

I’m here to offer you a choice and an opportunity to fund and fuel your passions with. Do what you love and build a business which allows you to live a life with freedom of time and finances.

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I’m here to offer you a choice and an opportunity to fund and fuel your passions with. Do what you love and build a business which allows you to live a life with freedom of time and finances.